Radiocarbon dating sample size

The Shroud of Turin , which many people believe was used to wrap Christ's body, bears detailed front and back images of a man who appears to have suffered whipping and crucifixion.It was first displayed at Lirey in France in the 1350s and subsequently passed into the hands of the Dukes of Savoy.

We have subcontractor agreements with several AMS facilities around the world.However, during particularly busy periods we may exceed our 2 – 3 month turnaround time.If you contact us we can warn you of potential delays prior to submission.Materials suitable for radiocarbon dating include charcoal, wood and other plant matter, soils and sediments, shells, bone, carbonates, dissolved inorganic carbonate (DIC), methane and hydrocarbons, and food products.A table of optimum and minimum sample sizes is provided below.If you would like to submit samples to the radiocarbon dating laboratory please contact radiocarbon email / either Rachel Wood (archaeological samples) or Stewart Fallon (all other sample types) to obtain a sample submission form.


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