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This means there's no need to take your eyes off the road.

You can also ask it to start and stop the Travelapse video feature, which will condense hours of driving footage into shorter highlights.

What's more, the handy device also captures high quality 1440p eyewitness video, while providing advanced driver alerts for forward collision and lane departure warnings, as well as alerts for red lights and speed cameras.

Equipped with voice activation, you can command Garmin's Dash Cam 55 to start and stop recording or take a still picture.

Prior to this release, her cam work was more difficult to find for anyone outside the smaller community of Periscope and Twitter users who make or view adult material.

reports that the consent form Paige signed grants producers the “irrevocable right to film, tape, photograph and record” Paige and use her “actual or fictitious names, voice, likeness and any biographical facts.” This means producers were likely within their legal rights when they published footage of Paige’s interview, broadcasted her legal first and middle names, and pulled a clip from Kay and Elizabeth’s performance.

Reynolds is also protesting that producers showed part of his father’s face after agreeing to keep him out of the series.

(The episode prefaces the segment with Reynolds’ father with a title card that says, “Riley’s father requested his identity remain hidden while filming,” then keeps about a third of his father’s face in view during parts of their conversation.) Privacy is a huge issue for performers, and in direct correlation to their personal and physical safety.

, a documentary widely panned by the porn industry, and that Rashida Jones, a producer of both the documentary and the series, was not involved.An honest, thoughtful response to criticism from porn actors and sex workers producers might have acknowledged the very real threats that adult performers face when their privacy or personas are compromised.Nonfiction depictions of stigmatized labor like sex work demand heightened standards of consent and privacy protections; there is no compelling reason to defy a supporting subject’s request or right to privacy, even on legal grounds, when she may lose work or be victimized by stalkers and abusers as a result., which focuses on her ex-fiancé, porn agent and Hussie Models owner Riley Reynolds.The episode shows Paige and Reynolds getting tested for HIV together, visiting a butterfly sanctuary, and playing pool. Brunette MILF Melissa getting fucked Through window.


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