Ambitious men dating

Ultimately, unless she’s hearing a word from God, she passes. She is used to having to take care of herself (and her baby if she has any).

Just like I previously mentioned she doesn’t always realize that she is not reachable emotionally, she is just focused.

The last thing she is prepared to do is invest her time into a relationship that leaves her getting played and looking stupid. The ambitious woman takes herself and her accomplishments very seriously.

She can smell your bullshit from a mile away and the minute she realizes you’re the player she more than likely already thought you were–she splits. Anyone that she dates or enters a relationship with is now a reflection of her.

When filling out questionnaires or surveys about ideal jobs, single women who thought their answers would be available to male classmates lowered their desired yearly compensation from 1,000 to 3,000 on average and their willingness to travel from 14 days to 7 days per month.

They also reported wanting to work four fewer hours per week.

Yes, all of these things are true–but she’s worth it.

So here’s why the ambitious woman is always single, but is so worth dating. The ambitious woman has so much on her plate already.

In total, 355 people (241 men and 114 women) took the survey.

This trade-off can be pervasive and is not limited to big decisions like volunteering for a leadership role or asking for a promotion.

Daily activities such as speaking up in meetings, taking charge of a project, working late, or even certain outfits, haircuts, and makeup can be desirable in one market and not in the other. Graduate school is a natural place to study this, as many students are both investing in their professional careers and looking for a long-term partner.

Women who were married or in a relationship did not show this pattern, and neither did men (regardless of their relationship status).

The results suggest that marriage considerations may be an additional explanation for gender differences in the labor market.


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