Updating windows internet explorer

Microsoft claims that IE can now load JPG images up to 45% faster, using 40% less memory than previous IE versions.

Users who want to explore the new features first-hand may fiddle with the tests available at

It is possible to ungroup items, duplicate tabs, reopen the last closed one, as well as view a list with recently closed pages.

Moreover, the tabs can be displayed in a row, separately from the address bar.

This setting can be modified from the Internet Options panel.

Websites can be added to favorites list as well, organized by category, opened in the current page or new tab, imported from another browser or file, as well as exported to file.

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When multiple tabs are opened in IE11, they appear like multiple windows in the taskbar by default, filling it with unnecessary clutter.So, IE11 will still be around, but Microsoft is not going to make it easy for users to find.When Windows 10 releases, Spartan will be the default browsing experience.Busy browser users are often confronted with the same issue, namely managing multiple opened tabs.IE integrates right-click menu entries for closing the current tab, closing all tabs except the current one, or creating (color-coded) tab groups.The app's edition for Windows 7 promises the same improvements in performance, security, and privacy.


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