Dating a girl with huge boobs

Only white British men were invited to participate in the experiment because of the fact that ethnicity is known to influence breast size preferences and the study wanted to eliminate any additional factors, which may affect the outcome.

The study resulted in a finding that hungry men According to Psychology Today, researchers Christopher Burris and Armand Munteanu conducted a study based on an “evolutionary perspective on breast size,” by asking 67 college men about their desire to become a father. Thereafter, the men were asked to adjust women’s' breasts, hips and proportions on a computer-animated program according to their “ideal sexual partner.” The results revealed that men who wished to remain childless preferred smaller breasts, while men who preferred larger breasts had a desire to become a dad.

The study determined that poorer men or men experiencing “resource insecurity” preferred larger breasts while those who were financially well off preferred smaller boobs.

The study supposedly involved a team of investigators visiting three hospitals in Frankfurt, Germany, and comparing the health of 200 males over a period of five years.

Furthermore, a link was found between larger breasts and a smaller waste-to-hip ratio with regards to the greater likelihood of conceiving children.

Good news for men -- you may actually be saving the life of your significant other by continuously grabbing her breasts.

The study also acknowledged that such suicides could have been attributable to pre-existing psychiatric problems, which made some women prone to suicidal behavior.

According to a study from the University of Westminster, men who exhibit sexist attitudes towards women are also likely to have a preference for large breasts.


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