Consolidating call centres

The next step is to determine the optimal staffing levels and organizational structure for the centralized site.It is important to address staff requirements (phone-based and non-phone-based personnel), and all supporting cost categories, including telecom, real estate, technology and so on.

The unfortunate result for many companies has been wasted resources and dollars and replicated facilities and technology platforms.Enterprises need a framework to quantify and evaluate the tradeoffs and benefits.Call center centralization: The cost analysis Any analysis of whether to centralize – consolidate call centers into one location -- or to decentralize a call center – retain multiple call center sites in different locations -- is difficult and may require rough estimates.We can help provide the roadmap and laser focus on the economies of scale that a physical or virtual consolidation of contact center operations can deliver for you.As companies look for ways to decrease costs without undercutting the customer experience, the debate over whether to centralize or decentralize call centers is a perennial one.After all, resource costs represent between 60% and 70% of a typical contact center operations budget.


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