Questions to ask men while dating

It's like driving a car without knowing the destination — you may get there but only after you wasted your time.

Here are the 10 questions to ask a guy when you first meet, especially when you're dating in your 40's:1.

Maybe he’s a studious Type-A overachiever who cares deeply about success, or maybe he wants to be able to take care of his parents in their old age, or perhaps he’s a free spirit and just looks for adventure and inner happiness.

You don’t really know someone until you know what they in life – learn this, and you’ll learn if you can see your plans fitting in well with his.

And if he can’t really think of answer to what he likes doing, that in itself tells you a lot about his level of passion for life! Learn what drives a man and you’ll understand him on as deeper level than anyone else.

It’s one thing to hear a guy loves his job or passion, but you’ll also learn a lot by asking he loves it. Plus, it will tell you whether you share similar values – a crucial test for long-term compatibility in a relationship.

You’re always trying to strike that balance between being curious while still having fun.

It’s common to worry about what you should say on a first date.Does he want to still travel around the world with a backpack for 2 years?Does he have a career or at least a vague plan for one that he can decide on?As far as first date questions go, this is VERY direct. When you ask a guy what he wants in a woman, you’ll often get surprisingly honest answers.He might say anything: ambitious, nurturing, independent, funny warm, sexy, intelligent…This enables you to understand what gets him truly excited in life. This might seem a little too personal as far as first date questions go, but it’s actually crucial to know.


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