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Vanishing twin syndrome occurs when the mother suffers a miscarriage of one child but not the other.

'It is estimated to occur in 36 per cent of twin pregnancies, 53 per cent for triplets, and 65 percent of quadruplet pregnancies,' Dr.

Christopher Zahn with The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists told Today.

It was difficult for Adrianna to handle the loss; Matt explained that soon after her miscarriage, she became depressed and 'was no longer embracing her pregnancy anymore' - something he hoped to change.

Evidence of wheeled vehicles appears from the mid 4th millennium BCE near-simultaneously in the Northern Caucasus (Maykop culture), and in Central Europe. Starokorsunskaya kurgan in the Kuban region of Russia contains a wagon grave (or chariot burial) of the Maikop Culture (which also had horses).

The two solid wooden wheels from this kurgan have been dated to the second half of the fourth millennium.

Matt told Adrianna once the plan was confirmed but she was skeptical and Matt didn't even think she believed him until she saw it for herself.

At 12 weeks, the couple heard the twins' heartbeats but for weeks later, they discovered that Adrianna had lost one of the babies due to vanishing twin syndrome.In a hilarious video shared online, three hamsters can be seen playing in their cage in a Pet Smart in the US.One ran in the hamster wheel, while another jumped up at the side of the pen, and a third sat quietly inside a bowl.After slipping off the roof of the wheel the first hamster was then left wedged on the central spoke holding the structure upright.The adorable animal was utterly helpless as its legs dangled beneath it and it juddered in time with the running pattern of its companion - who was seemingly oblivious to the situation.'To illuminate the heavens, to be able to look up and see a grand gesture, to symbolize our lost one and be excited for what's to come.' The couple's baby girl, Mila, is due on Christmas Eve and they have spoken to the photographer who took their pictures in front of the Ferris wheel about taking photos of their wedding and baby girl when she arrives.


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