Dating polish men in uk

Therefore, foreign brides are looking for older, wiser Polish brides.

Previously, many Polish girls thought foreigner is a prince from a fairy tale, but those thoughts has changed recently.

Basically it is to love and be loved, to have money and dispose of them.

Sometimes the reason of why Polish girls are traveling abroad is unrequited love in Poland; the inability to find the groom at home for a long time.

Most of these marriage agencies are in Warsaw and Krakow, as well as in other major Polish cities.

The head of one of such marriage agencies reported that at present the most popular among foreign grooms type of Polish women are those, aged 27-35 y.o.

Poland is quite developed country in the European Union with high salaries.

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Most often this happens after three years of family life.Do not think that all Polish women headlong want to marry a foreigner.On the contrary, many Polish women do not want to see a foreigner as her husband, believing them to be cowards, not adapted to life and unable to find a wife at home.Foreigners used to choose a young bride, but in recent years the trend has changed and candidates under 20 years old are not interested by foreigners.They are too young and inexperienced, do not know what they want in life.Polish girl wants always to be sure that you’re OK, since you are her man.


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