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This year, the triennial’s curatorial responsibilities fall upon three curatorial set-ups, and Praxes (which comprises Rhea Dall and Kristine Siegel, two Danish curators currently residing in Germany) presents works by the American artist Lynda Benglis and a range of projects featuring Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, the latter taking place at intervals throughout the year.Behind their immediately obvious informal and humorous qualities, Chetwynd’s works also posses a range of those ritualistic and communal qualities that infuse much performance-based art – albeit not in any postulating, “pure” or “true” ritual manner.Rather, it seems as if everything is The works often feature large, homemade puppet structures capable of holding several performers within: in true Trojan Horse style, people emerge from or are swallowed up by openings. They might be slightly awkward replicas of familiar figures, such as the Catbus from the Studio Ghibli film at New Museum in 2011.In this work, twelve performers move around the vast insect brain in what is quite an elaborate dance, particularly given that Chetwyn’s performance works usually have an improvised, amateurish quality.

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With that distinction in mind, could you say something about the relationship between subjectivity, the group and the individual, and authorship in your work? Authorship is a hard one because often I am really loose and I work with groups problem solving, but then I also end up making everything myself. What is your relationship to quoting and referencing literature and pop culture etc.?

Come winter, outdoor enthusiasts can zip over to Rotary Park, just over mile away, for speed-skating action. Vancouver International Airport is about 450 miles.

Guest Favorites Home to well-equipped, easy-on-the-eye rooms, Priceline guests say the Stagecoach Inn makes for a smoother ride with a filling, free hot breakfast and easy Highway 97 access.

The four seasons combined with forests, hills, mountains and beautiful lakes make Chetwynd a playground for any outdoor enthusiast.

250-788-1943 the first settlers arrived in the early 1900s the area was known as Little Prairie by Indians who travelled from Moberly Lake to hunt in the Sukunka Valley.


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