Who al gore dating

Having squirmed out of his grasp, she fled his suite.She claimed she later found stains on the front of her trousers and kept them uncleaned as evidence, believing they were his body fluids.You really made out like a bandit when it comes to this whole climate-change business.

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Gore has been tied to California activist and donor Elizabeth Keadle, according to the Post, and an unnamed close friend confirmed to ABC News that the two are dating “seriously.”Keadle, whose full name is Mary Elizabeth Keadle, seems to be mostly a private figure, but she’s well known in Democratic circles, has donated to several of the party’s candidates, and like Gore is committed to environmental causes.

She was identified in connection with Invitrogen in a 2002 San Diego Magazine article that also noted that the company had donated to Democratic candidates in the recent election cycle.

After her divorce from Turner, Keadle was linked with San Diego attorney Nick Leibham, a Democrat who ran to unseat Republican Brian Bilbray in California’s 50th Congressional District.

The raven-haired 50-something is said to be independently wealthy—although the provenance of her fortune isn’t quite clear.

Keadle has been married once, to biotech entrepreneur Lyle Turner, founder and CEO of Invitrogen Corp., which developed genetic-research kits.


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