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If you are looking for a particular piece of advice, there is a search function on this blog but it is a little hard to find; look for it on the right side of the Web page (it is dark grey and blends with the background).

Online Dating Insider is a good way to get updated on the latest news in the online dating industry.

Read her stories about amusing date experiences, hear tips about how to create an attractive online profile, and get reviews and the latest news in the online dating industry.

Find out which service lets you search for members by certain interests, how each service matches you with other users, and the cost of each service (even a link to buy).

This site reads more like promotional material in favor of online dating, but the online dating report is a handy way to see features side by side.

e Date Review has user reviews of plenty of online dating services.

Simply click on a dating category on the upper left of the navigation bar and you'll see what sites have reviews.


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