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Of course, that gets a whole lot easier when a handsome insomniac starts making regular visits, and, somewhere between the case files, crossword puzzles, and copious amounts of coffee, John discovers he doesn't mind the late shift so much after all.

Sherlock had every intention of showing up at the annual Christmas Eve party with a well-orchestrated sob story of why that boyfriend he mentioned a few months ago hadn't been able to make it, but all that changes when he winds up at a charity bachelor auction, Irene snagging him the hottest one of the bunch: a former army doctor named John Watson.

When John starts acting suspicious in the run up to Christmas, lying about being at work and taking secret phone calls in the bathroom, Sherlock comes to seemingly the only conclusion, that John must be cheating on him.

One of them gets hurt in some spectacular fashion and the other has to nurse them back to health - justsuperblue When John and his friends decide to blow off some steam after finals with a holiday to the Swiss Alps, he's expecting a week of roaring fires, hot chocolate, and snow as far as the eye can see.Sherlock's a regular at a coffee shop near his lab, always coming in at the same time and ordering the same thing.That is, until they get a new barista: a fellow student with a penchant for latte art who will throw a not-entirely-unwelcome wrench into his routine. When John's leave request for Christmas is denied, Sherlock is nothing short of devastated, not that he's letting it show.That is, until an unlikely phone call on Christmas Eve turns everything on its head...It seemed like a great idea, a 24-hour coffee shop near a thriving university campus, but, when everyone goes home for the holidays, John finds himself trapped in a ghost town, wiling away the hours of the overnight shift any way he can.Sherlock and John first meet on Valentine's Day, surrounded by flowers and candlelight in a fine Italian restaurant.


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