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This breaks the trust between Quicken and its user base. Given the three year sunset rule that Quicken imposes for downloading transactions, it certainly looks like they've rigged the window to benefit themselves and harm their user base.Completely unacceptable doesn't fully express my frustration with this approach. They have tripled the ongoing cost since the price is about the same but it's an annual subscription fee instead of a download you can use for 3 years (if you want to continue to d/l bank transactions).

Yes, this does mean that you can transfer Quicken even from XP to Windows 10!

The Quicken Home&Business version cost now .99 /year. I don't think I will upgrade my 2013 version with these prices.

You'll no longer have access to connected services, like the ability to download banking transactions or investment quotes, mobile access, or premium care. Under the old model if you didn't want to upgrade you could continue to use Quicken manually.

While you can continue to access your data and run reports, you'll no longer be able to download transactions, The /year subscription fee is a cash grab. Under this model your use of the product ends completely.

It effectively becomes a read-only snapshot of your data as of the date of expiration. So in 2018 you can't go back to an earlier version like 2016 or 2015 and manually update your data.


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