Dating in the arabic world

Eastern Arabic, in addition to Egyptian Arabic, includes Levantine Arabic, spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and Palestine, and Gulf Arabic as well as dialects in adjacent regions.

Local dialects such as that spoken in Egypt may vary considerably so that someone from Morocco, for example, may have difficulty understanding someone from Iraq, even though they speak the same language.

Perhaps less common, are the Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese languages, but of course there are specialized guides that are also fluent in most any language, who accompany various tours.

However, some background information on the language is useful in this regard.

Arabic is originally the language of the nomadic tribes of the northern and central regions of the Arabian Peninsula.

It belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family of languages--the bulk of which are spoken in Africa--which has several major branches: Semitic (including languages such as Arabic); Berber; Chadic (including languages such as Hausa); Cushitic (including languages such as Somali); and Ancient Egyptian, whose modern descendent, Coptic, is preserved as a liturgical language.

Arabic and Canaanite, which includes Hebrew, Phoenician, and several extinct languages, are distantly related to Aramaic.


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