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At times, when it hurts a lot....a little hug, a tap on back and a soft cuddle could do the Midas touch. The most amazing thing is, it requires nothing; but a sensitive, emotional and compassionate heart and a little bit of time to be there when someone is in pain.Both those forms of victimization are what’s called “aggravated” (criminal or abusive) sexting by researchers at the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center.The other category of sexting is called “experimental,” which involves no malice, surprise, or lack of consent between participants and which rarely results in an arrest (18% do, according to the CCRC). This is another kind of sexting that can cause serious harm.

Certainly sextortion can also involve a violation of trust, as with “aggravated sexting,” exploiting emotional vulnerability.

I'm no stranger to anxiety and I've certainly had my share of feeling down in the dumps. But there is one thing which connects all of us and makes us one..........it happens when we reciprocate love, feel the pain of others and offer consolation and peace to someone who is in dire need of it.

I wasn't sure what I was expecting at that time but it certainly was something positive I did for myself. Each one of us are unique and different in the choices we make for ourselves in life.

By helping you I'm probably helping myself out too so thank you and welcome.

“Sexting” typically refers to sex-related or nude photos taken and shared via cellphone (most sexting happens on phones and doesn’t make it to the Web, according to research in the medical journal Pediatrics).


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